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What makes the Gospel Magazine attractive is that it has never moved, in spite of many pressures, from the object it set out to pursue at its inception in January 1766:

- the uncompromising declaration of the Gospel of Free Grace, both in belief and in practice.  

It represents the oldest surviving magazine, as far as is known, in Britain and so most probably in the English-speaking world.

Past contributors have included George Whitfield, John Newton, Augustus Toplady and others, under names such as Omicron as was the practice in those days.

The Trust Deed is the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, but the Gospel Magazine has always sought to embrace all of every denomination who love the Gospel of Grace, as in Ephesians 4:3,

endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

In more recent days it has been necessary to reaffirm what was previously taken for granted, that we stand by the Authorised Version of the Scriptures, often known as the King James Bible. No other translation was ever contemplated by the founders of the Gospel Magazine and our whole endeavour is to remain faithful to the Trust passed down to us through the ages, as expressed by Hebrews 13:8,

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Remaining constant in an age of change

In an age when little remains as it was intended by our forefathers, the great attraction of the Gospel Magazine is its commitment to the faith once delivered to the saints. Its constant aim has been to offer help to the hard-pressed people of God, by exhortation, doctrine and comfort from Scripture.

This is done by republishing writings and articles by past saints of God, and living believers today. In addition for many years it has been our practice to review Christian books. This involves us increasingly in a dilemma as fewer and fewer books today use the Authorised Version. We could either choose to cease from reviewing most books, or warn readers. The position of the Gospel Magazine remains true to the AV as the best translation, in beautiful and formative English.  That we name another translation does not mean that we endorse it.

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