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Progress of the work

We have now finished duplicating all extant copies of the Gospel Magazine* that are more than three years old, into digital formats. Gospel truth has not changed a jot since 1766. This project promises to be an incomparable resource which it is hoped will provide great blessing and edification to our readers.

(*Approximately all 2,860 published,as at 13th April 2015; no publications outstanding)

The future of a free Internet is uncertain

We would strongly encourage readers to save copies of these publications to their own computers as the future of an uncensored Internet is looking uncertain and recent trends in legislation seem to indicate that the free expression of Christian opinion, especially where it touches other ‘faiths’ will likely not be tolerated indefinitely.

It is our understanding that the Internet in its present form is in the process of being dismantled and that in the near future websites will be required to be hosted as sub-domains of strictly moderated mainstream sites, and that there will be subscription and downloading charges associated with browsing these websites, assuming of course that the site’s content is judged acceptable by the hosting company. Since the Gospel is offensive to the many who wish to continue to sin without being criticized, it is doubtful whether uncensored expression of Gospel truths will likely continue to be possible. Those wishing to obtain more information regarding our concerns should please see here.

It is not yet apparent how many years or months remain during which visitors will be able to enjoy free access to this site, however we would nonetheless aim to encourage a sense of urgency amongst those willing to download and share with others the resources on this site.

Past Copies of The Gospel Magazine

2000 to present - The Twenty-first Century

1950 to 1999 - Late Twentieth Century

1900 to 1949 - Early Twentieth Century

1850 to 1899 - Late Nineteenth Century

1800 to 1849 - Early Nineteenth Century

1766 to 1799 - The Eighteenth Century

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